Linen Ring Sling Palm
Linen Ring Sling Palm
Linen Ring Sling Palm
Linen Ring Sling Palm
Linen Ring Sling Palm
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Linen Ring Sling Palm

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Linen Ring Sling

Made with soft european Oeko-Tex certified linen, woven and dyed in Europe and sewn in Paris, France, this linen ring sling baby-carrier is perfect for all seasons and especially suited for the summer seasons. Our linen ring sling Palm is thin, breathable, and soft while providing excellent support. 

Our linen ring sling Palm is excellent for ergonomic babywearing during both the newborn stage through the toddler years. Your Palm linen ring sling is particularly adaptable for parents that have just started their babywearing journey aka babywearing beginners but is also a great option for those comfortable with babywearing.

Palm ring sling is made from linen that is dyed after weaving, which means that in addition to the stone-washing process that helps make the linen soft and floppy, the dying process (Oeko-Tex) works to soften the fabric even further, making it extremely moldable to hug every curve of your baby, while also providing a great amount of support thanks to the strong nature of the linen fiber.  

This linen ring sling is therefore a perfect baby-carrier to to can accompany you during your ergonomic babywearing journey, whether it be for carrying your newborn or wearing your toddler (up to 15 KGs).

Palm Linen Ring Sling baby-carrier

Ring Sling Characteristics 

Color and Design: Your Palm linen ring sling baby-carrier is made from an olive green dyed linen.

Fit:  The linen ring sling baby-carrier is fully adjustable and fits most sizes thanks to its aluminium rings.


  • Your linen ring sling baby-carrier is made of 100% Oeko-Tex European linen fabric 
  • Aluminium rings 
  • Vegan leather tag

Weight limit: Your linen ring sling baby-carrier can carry babies up to 15 KGs according to the european norme FD CEN/TR 16512 applicable to ring sling baby-carriers

 Linen Ring Sling Length: Your linen ring sling is 1.80 - 1.85 meters long


The Bud & Blossom Promise- you can benefit from a free personalized babywearing consultation by a certified babywearing instructor with the purchase of a Bud & Blossom linen ring sling baby-carrier. Reserve your free babywearing consultation here 

Fabric and Care

Your linen ring sling baby-carrier arrives ready to use, right out of the box! It is soft and floppy - however washing and ironing before use is recommended! Your Palm linen ring sling baby-carrier requires no breaking-in

Our European linen is an all natural textile, and with that comes some natural variation including small nubs in the fabric. We value these characteristics, and love the uniqueness they bring to every handmade linen ring sling baby-carrier.

Care. Caring for your linen ring sling baby-carrier is easy. When it’s time to wash your linen ring sling baby-carrier, just follow the instructions here. You can also find instructions and more information about how to use and break-in your linen ring sling baby-carrier. 


Why are our ring sling baby-carriers made from linen ? 

Linen is a magical fiber ✨ It is the best option for ring sling baby-carriers, and here is why:

  • Linen is the strongest natural fiber, making it excellent to support the weight of your babies while practicing ergonomic babywearing and thus perfect for ring sling baby-carriers.
  • Linen is hypoallergenic
  • Linen is thermoregulating, making it a perfect option for babywearing throughout the year. A linen ring sling will help your baby cool off in the summer and stay warm during winter.
  • Linen is extremely easy to care-for, your linen ring sling will get better with each wash ! Therefore, you shouldn't worry about wear and tear when you use your linen ring sling.
  • Linen is one of the most eco-friendly and ecological textiles out there- it requires no irrigation or pesticides. 
  • Our linen is grown in Europe which means that the production cycle of our linen ring sling baby-carriers remains completely local 


Use instructions can be found in this page.  Please practice safe babywearing while using your  linen ring sling baby-carrier by following the instructions in the page in addition to the instructions listed in the user guide provided with your linen ring sling. 

What is the little advantage of purchasing a Bud & Blossom linen ring sling        baby-carrier ?

We want all our customers to be very comfortable and confident with using their Bud and Blossom linen ring sling baby-carrier, and for them to practice safe and secure babywearing by learning the basics of using a linen ring sling baby-carrier

You can benefit from a free personalized babywearing consultation by a certified babywearing instructor with the purchase of a linen ring sling baby-carrier from Bud & Blossom. You can reserve your free babywearing linen ring sling baby-carrier consultation here