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How to thread your ring sling 


How to install baby in your ring sling

Ergonomic position checklist

Checklist ergonomic position babywearing

Ring Sling Instructions 

Please practice safe babywearing! As with anything, wearing your ring sling will take practice, but it soon becomes second nature! Upon purchase of a Bud & Blossom sling, please watch our tutorials. We also highly encourage you to practice your "babywearing form," making sure of the following:
  • Baby's airway must be open at ALL times. Keep their chin off their chest and allow air to circulate.
  • As a rule, keep baby close enough to kiss, and in view at ALL times.
  • Be sure that baby's head is in the correct position for their age level. Make sure to support their neck should they have no neck control.
  • Keep baby's knees higher than their bums, creating a letter "M," to ensure their is no pinching of their legs, as well as creating a safer seat so they are well secured. Make sure the fabric goes from knee to knee.
  • The rings are in corsage position just below your shoulder
  • The fabric should be capped on your shoulder 
  • The fabric is tight around baby's back.
  • You should both be comfortable. If it is not comfortable, try taking the baby out, readjusting and trying again.
  • Watch your baby at all times when using the sling

How to care for your Ring Sling ?

Linen is one of the best types of fabric to use for ring slings. In addition to it being naturally hypoallergenic and ecological, linen gets softer and more pliable with time and with every wash, making it a timeless fabric.

We recommend the following for softening and breaking-in your slings:

  • Wash the sling before using it, then steam iron while it's still lightly humid.
  • Running the fabric through the rings
  • Braiding your sling
  • Drying your sling in the dryer along with dryer balls
  • Using your sling!

In order to wash your sling make sure you:

  • Machine wash at 40 degrees, cover the rings with socks
  • Use detergent with no optical brighteners
  • Can be dried in the dryer
  • Steam Iron after washing (linen loves heat)


  • Lorsque vous serrez votre sling, veillez soulever les fesses de bébé afin d'apporter du mou au tissu. Ainsi, vous éviterez d'abîmer les fibres du tissu. Une utilisation non optimale pourrait engendrer une déchirure de votre moyen de portage.